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The OSP (Overseas Student Program) is the Government program under which all persons outside Australia can take up a study course or program. Australia student visa is required for all persons, except Australian residents. A visitor visa to Australia allows you to undertake a course of study, not lasting beyond 3 months. For any registered course of study lasting more than 3 months, it is essential to apply for Australia student visa.

Australia student visa

You need to apply for a Australia student visa if you want to take a course of study or program, either part-time or full-time in a registered training course i.e. one that has been registered with the Australian Government to offer courses to students from overseas.
When applying for Australia student visa, an applicant will need to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Adequate Health Insurance

  • It is mandatory to possess acceptable health insurance cover when you are on Australian student visa. This must cover you for the intended period of your stay. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) provides the necessary medical and hospital insurance. The education providers sometimes oversee this procedure. They collect the OSHC premium from you and arrange to pay the health insurance cover on your behalf. In case this is not done, you can obtain it yourself and provide evidence to the office processing your Australia student visa. You will need to satisfy the health conditions specified in the Migration Regulations for Australia for your student visa processing. This is done with a view to minimize public health and safety risks to the Australian community.

  • No Debts to the Australian Commonwealth Good Character information you provide at the 'Character Declaration' section of the application form 157A

  • Financial requirements

    - At the time of your Australia student visa processing, you must be able to provide evidence of adequate financial stability to pay your course fees and living costs for you as well as your travel costs to and from Australia.

    Australia student visa for under 18 years

    For a student under 18 years, it is essential that the education provider provides a statement in writing that all your accommodation and general welfare needs are being met. Otherwise you will need to be accompanied by a parent or legal custodian. Alternatively you can stay with a suitable relative.

    Australia student visa application

    An application for student visa to Australia can be made after receipt of a letter of offer or Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for your course of study. The various Australia student visa forms:

    Form 157A - Application for temporary student visa
    Form 157C - Application for temporary student visa, allowing you to change Education provider
    Form 157P - Student visa application with permission to work
    Form 157E - Online application form for Australian student visa
    Form 919 - Student Dependant nomination

    Australia Student Visa

    Australia Visa | Australia Student Visa | Australia Tourist Visa | Australia Work Visa | US Visa Requirement

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