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Are you planning a holiday to Australia? Check out the procedures to apply for a tourist visa. Find out more about ETA, which will allow you to spend up to three months in Australia.

Australia tourist visa

Tourist visas for Australia usually cost AUD$20 when you apply from overseas. Such a visa does not permit you to work there. You can avail a 6-month holiday visa to Australia if you are planning to stay longer than 3 months. This travel visa does not permit you to work and you will need to show that you are capable of supporting yourself financially during that period. The conditions for granting 6-month holiday visa to Australia are:

  • No intention of working in Australia
  • A bank balance of over $AUS 6,900
  • No intention of studying for more than 3 months during the stay in Australia. A study program in Australia lasting longer than 4 weeks requires the applicant to undergo chest x-ray examination.

  • Travel visa Australia

    If you intend to seek temporary residence in Australia for professional, cultural or study or cultural reasons, you can apply for temporary residence visa. This type of travel visa needs to be sponsored by an Australian organization or prospective employer in Australia. A long-term Australian visa with multiple entry is ideal for those who need to make frequent trips in and out of Australia. Such travel visas to Australia are granted to sportsmen, media and film professionals, persons participating in cultural events and activities and those for who have undertaken a full-time registered course in Australia. The various categories of such travel visas are listed below:

    411 - Exchange temporary stay of skilled people
    415 - Temporary stay of foreign government officials such as diplomats
    46 - Temporary stay of people under approved programs such as youth exchange schemes
    417 - Working Holiday (young people who want to holiday and work to supplement their funds)
    418 - Educational temporary stay of staff to fill teaching, research or other academic positions
    419 - Temporary stay of people who will contribute to research and knowledge sharing
    420 - Temporary stay of persons involved in cultural activities
    421 - Amateur or professional sports people for training and competitions
    422 - Temporary stay of qualified medical practitioners
    423 - Media and Film staff such as television and movie crews
    424 - Professional experts or lecturers coming for public presentations
    426 - Domestic workers for diplomats and consular staff posted to Australia
    427 - Domestic workers for certain visa holders
    428 - Religious workers
    442 - Occupational trainees

    Travel ETA visa to Australia

    Tourists can avail of ETA (Electronic Travel Application) to apply for Australian travel visa electronically. If you need to extend your ETA beyond three months, you will need to apply to the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) in Australia before your ETA visa expires. The advantage of an ETA is quicker processing on arrival in Australia. Online processing of ETA tourist visa gives you the facility of getting your travel visa to Australia immediately. This is ideal for short notice business trips and holidaymakers too. There is no Government charge for ETA but you may need to pay for ETA services undertaken through a travel agent. This is paid by credit card.

    Australia Tourist Visa

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