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A collection of links relating to Internet technology. Listing in most of the directories listed in this page is useful for enhancing your website's visibility. Most of them use human editors to weed out spam and offer better quality search results. Submission to these directories - some of them offer free listings - will result in better spidering from the major search engines.

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Free/PaidGeneral ODP directory with thousands of volunteer human editors to select the listings. Provides the data to hundreds of other directories including Google's Directory.
PaidGeneralLarge Paid Directory
PaidGeneral Another large high profile Directory
PaidGeneral Large multi category Directory
Somuch Directory
FreeGeneral Search for links based on contents.
Internet Search Engine Database
FreeGeneral a guide to Search engines. Lists a wide range of Search engines and some relevant details about them as well.
Targetwoman- Directory for Women
FreeWoman Niche Directory for Women
Free/PaidGeneral Popular Directory
Free/PaidGeneral Active sites for active people
CGI Scripts
FreeGeneral CGI / Perl scripts offer an effective way to add functionality and make your pages dynamic. Good well-written scripts use reasonable server resources and can be installed in most of the servers.
FreeGeneral Though not a directory - this site is a Community of informed 'guides' offering snippets of information.
Niche Directory - Internet