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Desktop Search:
Windows ships with a standard search tool to search for a specific file or a file containing a specific text. But unless ( we will see how to improve the native search facility of Windows later in this article) the indexing feature is turned on, you will have to wait for ages when the search continues. Google, the leading Search Engine has always been at the forefront to invoke cutting edge technology. They have come up with a small foot print desktop search tool ( barely 400 K) to help you track that elusive file. It can search from your emails, online browse history and the cavernous space of your hard drive. Its search typically takes less than a few seconds in a 100 GB hard disk.

Not to be left behind, others have launched into this desktop search field. Yahoo, Copernic, Ask Jeeves and MSN have all jumped into the fray. Google Desktop search resembles their standard, no frills interface they use for the search engine side and allows you to search either from your desktop or from the Web from the same page. Some privacy concerns have been voiced about the desktop searches. If you share your machine with other users, it would be prudent to disable any search facility whilst on a confidential tour.

Some Usage Tips for Desktop Search: Regardless of other issues, any desktop search will index all text,document or other Office files including any of your sensitive files. Encrypting such files before you install the Desktop search application would be a wise move. Windows 2000 and subsequent OS from Microsoft has a rarely documented feature which can do this.
Set the file types you want indexed in the preferences after installation. All HTTPS transactions can be left out of the index. Whilst at it , disable the crash report form being sent to the respective servers for added privacy.

Desktop Search  If you want to speed up your native Windows search facility, and also want to encrypt the contents of some of your folder, select the folder in your Windows Explorer, then click on the Advanced tab. You will be presented with an option similar to the one illustrated here. Click on the required option -
For Fast searching, allow Indexing service to index this folder - will speed up the native search of your Windows
Encrypt Contents to secure data - will encrypt the data. This option will let you browse and read your files normally whilst rendering the files blocked from access for any other users.

A few minutes spent setting your mode of operation correctly can make your files faster to access and also add a small measure of security.

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